GetAFood - food delivery service home or office

What is GetAFood?

The name of our service is very simple and easy to remember - Geta-A-Food (Get E Food). Some users even shorten our name to the GAF version (GAF). Remember, and better write it down. And be sure to add to favorites - so you always go to our site in one click: Why are we called that way? It's simple, "get a food" - "get food" in English, and the essence of our work is food delivery to your home. But - we are not a simple pizzeria from Burbank. The task that our resource solves is to connect people who love / know how to cook something interesting and people who eat (that is, almost all people) around the world.

How it's work?

It's simple - choose your city, area of ​​delivery. Choose one of several hundreds of dishes from our catalog, leave the order - and always after some time enjoy the skill of the cook and the taste of an exquisite dish without the hassle and hassle.

Want vegan dishes, or gluten free fries? Take care of calorie food? Want a selection of fish dishes or salads from local produce? No problem at all. We took care of that. Use our catalog and convenient filters in the categories to easily choose exactly the dishes that you like or your partners in the meal.

Reviews and rating of the dishes

Before ordering - be sure to read reviews about the artist of the order and pay attention to its rating. We are interested in promoting responsible and customer-oriented chefs and are working on it, all the opinions in our catalog are honest and left to real customers. Artists with a good rating and reviews have priority in our catalog. Help us with this! After ordering - we will write you a letter asking - try to leave objective reviews about the chef and the dish.

Food delivery worldwide

Service is regionally dependent. You cannot order a pizza from New York to LA - after all, it will probably not come fresh.

However, we also cooperate with courier delivery services. Goods and dishes that are subject to long-term storage and transportation, you can order in any region of World by courier services. Just a few days of waiting - and you have red caviar from Kamchatka, Brasil cofee or almond from Turkey on your table.

Producers, cooks, institutions

We are looking for talents and help them.

  • Do you grow apples, pears, mushrooms, nuts or keep beehives? Or maybe you make a unique craft goat cheese? Our gourmet audience will appreciate the results of your work. Use our GetAFood food delivery service to reach consumers of your products directly.
  • If you love and know how to cook - maybe you want and can turn your hobby into a profitable business? Contact us and we will discuss options for cooperation and the possibilities of our portal that will be useful to you.
  • Do you have a restaurant, cafe, burger, pizzeria or fast food restaurant? We have an offer for you. Our contact information below.
  • Sincerely yours, GetAFood Team